About Us

FaithFaith, Phee & Butterbee Foundation was named for the little girl and the dog, Phoenix, that we lost within a year of each other. Butterbee (Princess Buttercup) was my sister’s Cavalier, whose favorite person was Faith whom she enjoyed snuggling with.

As a family, we have rescued over 100 animals, including birds, horses, goats, chickens, dogs, cats, and a rat. Sometimes that has meant calling the authorities in a rough neighborhood, other times just bringing a dog to a vet or rescue group, but in many cases, we have brought the animals into our homes and into our lives. This has led to some messes, some stress, and some drama, but it is always an adventure. In the name of the girl and the dog that are our heart, we have begun this foundation in the hope of continuing to serve animals and the people that love them.